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Frequently Asked Question:-

  • Is corrugated the best material for boxes?

Yes! Corrugated is lighter and less expensive than alternative materials, such as plastic, wood, and metal—plus it is 100% recyclable. Unlike other types of boxes, corrugated boxes fold flat for storing and shipping, saving you money and floor space. Corrugated is strong enough to stack, resistant to impact and vibration, and it can cushion and protect your products during shipping.

  • Do you stock any containers?

No, but lead times are extremely short. We can often run your order the same day we receive it.

  • What is ECT?

ECT (edge crush test) is performed to predict the vertical strength of corrugated board. It determines the resistance to compression of the flutes in pounds per square inch.

  • Do I need artwork to have my cartons printed?

Artwork is preferred but, if needed, we can work without it. Having artwork helps minimize plate costs and prevent mistakes.

  • Can my logo be printed on my containers?

Yes! We can print your logo and product information directly on cartons.

  • When can I have my containers delivered?

We will tell you the target date for dispatch of your order once we receive it. We always deliver your order on target date.

  • Can you freight my order to another location?

We deliver 95% of our orders on company trailers, direct to your location. If your destination is out of our shipping zone, we will freight/UPS your order, upon your request.

  • Do you stock point-of-purchase displays?

No, but our designers can help create countertop or floor displays that can be printed with your product information, company name, etc.

  • What is tooling?

Tooling usually refers to cutting dies or printing plates required to customize a corrugated container, display, or die-cut for an end user.

  • Can I get ventholes/handholes on my box?

Yes. We have stock tooling for standard-sized vent/hand holes. Some sizes or styles may require a full die board at a one-time cost.

  • Can my printing dies be used on multiple sizes?

We prefer a separate set of plates for each box size, especially if the printing varies. Whenever possible, we will optimize their use to create cost efficiencies.

  • Can I change my corrugated packaging to gain greater stacking strength?

Redesigning and reevaluating every customer’s needs are priorities for us. Changes from the current carton design may improve performance. The use of high performance packaging will result in increased stacking strength with lower costs.

  • Do you have a minimum order requirement?

No, we will run any size order. We do have a minimum order size for delivery. Please check with customer service to see  if  your delivery cost is  included with your order size.

  • Can corrugated boxes be recycled?

Yes, corrugated fiberboard is more likely to be recycled than any other paper product.


  • Are oil-based inks used and do the inks contain heavy metals?

The corrugated industry has reduced the usage of heavy metals and volatile organic compounds. We now use water-based inks exclusively.

  • Can I get better prices for larger quantities / regular orders?

We always believe that our prices are combined with the quality discount and free delivery services are really competitive especially when compared to other online merchants offering similar products. If however you are looking to order in bulk or place orders on a regular basis of any particular item we may be able to offer further discounts. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

  • What is a “die-cut” box?

Die-cut boxes are one-piece panels scored and folded together. Unlike regular slotted cartons, they do not have a manufacturer’s joint, where two side panels come together fastened with tape, glue or staples. These Die Cut Boxes come with very innovative and unique box designs that are created specifically for safety reasons. The Die Cut Boxes are used mainly for packaging processed foods and confectionery like pizza box.

  • Is the PACKAGING INDIA an independent packaging company?

Yes,  Packaging INDIA has been an independent supplier and manufacturer of various kinds of corrugated packaging products since many years, and we are proudly Indian owned.

  • How are the folding cartons shipped? 

The cartons are placed in a corrugated case. Each carton is flat when packed. The number of cartons in a case can vary depending on size of the carton when folding.

  • How many colors can you print?

We currently can print up to 7-colors or 6-colors plus a coating. With 4-color process you can print the entire spectrum of colors with crisp quality images and fine text. In the event you need more colors we can run cartons through the printing press multiple times.

  • Can you print on the inside of the carton?

Yes! We run the carton through the press twice. The first pass prints on the inside and then again to print on the outside.

  • Can you print text?

Text and pictures of all sizes are crisp and clear. We can send you a printed example of a carton to show the full range of abilities.

  • What’s turnaround time?

Standard Orders: 15 business days from receipt of the final dieline and artwork.

Rush Orders: 5 or 10 business days from receipt of the CONFIRM and APPROVE dieline and artwork .

Turn Around Times for rush orders require prompt approval of die line and artwork / proofs. Failure to approve die line and artwork due to changes or lack of response to email or phone calls will delay your order.

  • Can I get a sample before I place the bulk order, and how much does a sample cost?

Yes, you can request a sample to be made up before you place your bulk order. We will advise you of the sample cost on your quote.

  • Do you supply matt and glossy boxes?

 Yes we have matt and gloss options for most rigid boxes, flat pack boxes