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Know Your Box

The Basics

The most important step while making a box is to determine the right size of the box. If it’s small the product won’t fit into and if it’s big then the product is not safe.Internationally ​box sizes are measured by using inner dimensions unless otherwise specified. The size of your contents actually determine the inner box dimensions. These dimensions are listed in the following sequence: Length (L) x Width (W) x Depth (D)* and stated as Length (L) x Breadth (B) x Height(H).


Based on the opening, the longer of the two sides is considered the “length.” The shorter of the two sides is the “width.” The side perpendicular to the length and width is the “depth” of the box.


How to measure a box – 

First the length should be measured. With a measuring tape place it in the bottom of the box approximately one inch from the back wall and measure from left to right. Repeat the process for the shorter width panel. Then, folding a side flap inward until it is perpendicular to its vertical side wall, place the tape measure at the end of the flap and extend it downward until it rests on the inner flap at the bottom of the box (see illustration). This will give you the depth dimension of the box.Right dimension of the box is the key to a successful production.



Corrugation is the backbone of any box .This gives the desired strength to the box.

Corrugating is imparting wave-like shape to a paper.Kraft paper or fluting media paper is passed through heated corrugated rolls to obtain continuous rolling, wave-like shape. These are called flutes capable of supporting great weight. Viewed horizontally, flutes are arches- another basic structural form capable of providing cushioning properties. The combination of columns and arches produce a material capable of bearing weight and much stronger than paper. Flute type is decided based on the strength of box required.Box strength also depends on the no. of ply used.


Box Strength:-


       Three Ply                                                                        Five Ply                                                    Seven Ply



Fluted paper, when stuck to another flat sheet of paper gets converted into 2- ply corrugated board. 3-ply corrugated board has one fluted paper and two flat papers. Similarly, 5-ply, 7-ply and 9-ply corrugated boards are manufactured by converting multiples of flat papers and fluting media papers.

Corrugated boards have great flexibility to be cut in any shape and size . They can be easily converted to produce cartons, boxes, cases, containers, inherent fitments /accessories such as inter lockers, partitions, dividers, pads, plates, supports, fillers, etc. which provide internal cushioning and restrict movements to suit the specific requirements.

Universal type box ​RSB​,is the most common type of packaging box used because it is the most economical to manufacture and is adaptable to the packing of most end products. Some of the other popular styles are lock bottom, auto slot carry home and self-locking tray.


The above statement is so true in today’s world of packaging . Today, most of the products are offered in packages that are convenient, modern and attractive. A product is known by the cover it has.More and more people – both producers and consumers of goods – are becoming aware of the importance of effective packaging.Today the packaging can make or break the product,the market leader.Almost all products are required to be packed scientifically in order to ensure that the product reaches in its original form and shape to the end consumer.

Packaging is the developed word for packing.Among the various modes of packaging that are being continuously developed, Corrugated Packaging stands out as the most versatile, secured, efficient & economical. Corrugated packaging is the most viable & internationally accepted mode of packaging. The growing awareness of the need to maintain environmental & ecological balance has further enhanced the importance of corrugated packaging in the modern world.